Blackboard Collaborative Writing Tool Is Aweful!

Idea created by teacherman61 on Nov 7, 2018
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    My math teachers and I use Blackboard Collaborative on a daily bases.  While we enjoy all the features each session comes with, we are quite disappointed with the writing tool.  In K through 5th grade math instruction online, teachers and students need to write on the whiteboard the BBC provides; however, the tool is not easy to write with.  Many times the numbers, symbols, and overall writing is broken up, jagged, and unreadable.  I am using a Intuos Pen Tablet for writing in BBC.  When I use my tablet with SketchBook or any other program, the writing is smooth and legible.  We need this in BBC.


    I've chatted with your support online and they gave me one suggestion to set my tablet on Pen only.  I did so with no improvement.  Please provide a fix to this problem.  There are much better companies with smoother writing tools.  Help!

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