Attendance Customization

Idea created by azbanddirector on Nov 6, 2018
    Under review

    Please add increased customization of the Settings and Grade Schema for the Attendance tool in BbLearn.

    For example:

    • Create/Rename new attendance categories
    • Drop X number of lowest grade(s)
    • Set number of absences threshold = grade
      • for example,  greater than 2 absences results in a B, greater than 5 absences results in an F
    • Pre-populate schedule date columns - most courses meet on a weekly schedule. Allow this to be pre-programmed to avoid having to delete, re-date, and add columns every time attendance is entered. (many instructors will update attendance the next day or once a week)
    • Make the Attendance tool an option that will show up on the student dashboard. It should be more easily accessible to students. (not just in their gradebook, but as it's own tool)


    Megan Truett, Mark O'Neil, Scott Hurrey, Carl Marrelli

    Product Version (if applicable):0