Ability to download mp3 recordings in Collaborate Ultra

Idea created by lr0072108 on Nov 4, 2018
    Reviewed by Product Management

    Would love to see the ability to download mp3 recordings in Collaborate Ultra (just as you can in Collaborate Classic). Currently there's only the option to download the mp4, which unfortunately doesn't accommodate to all of our staff and students' needs. Our Disability Support and Inclusion team heavily rely on the mp3 recordings in order to transcript tutorials for students with audible impairments, and as we encourage our lecturers to use Collaborate Ultra over Collaborate Classic, this is a feature that will be increasingly missed as we transition further. Additionally, we have a large number of students who download the mp3 files and listen to these on their phone while commuting/working/exercising/etc., and we feel that students will be disadvantaged by not having this feature.

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