Add Tender Column to Product Sales Detail Report

Idea created by lr0072078 on Nov 2, 2018
    Under review

    We have run into several instances where we need to pull two reports out of the Blackboard Transact Reporting feature in order to capture individual transactions that include product names as well as what tender was used to complete the transaction.  Currently, we use the Product Department Sales by Tender report to get the tender breakdown and then the Product Sales Detail report to see what products were sold on any given day, and then manual reconciliation needs to happen between the two.  I was told that we could also give each product name a matching department name so that the Product Sales Department by Tender report will include the product name, but this gets very cumbersome very quickly if numerous products are sold.  Is there any way we can get product name and tender as columns in the same report?  Thank you. 

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