Projected Grade

Idea created by jdojc on Nov 2, 2018
    Under review

    The weighted grade column only captures assignments and tests to-date. It's also incomplete. So far your weighted grade 30% but 70% of your grade is still upcoming. Yes you can do a "running total" but it captures what your grade percentage would be if the other grades didn't exist it doesn't project out based on what the future assignments / tests are worth. What would be helpful to both students and instructors is a projected weighted grade. Have a separate module to put in all the assignments, tests, and their associated weights (D2L does this). Then as student grades get entered into grade centre, grade centre projects out what the final grade is likely to be based on the student's past performance.


    This system would also help instructors identify 'at-risk' students early on. In instructor view students can be colour coded based on their projected grade level.

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