"Next week" in To Do module is really "within next 7 days"

Idea created by mb0047876 on Nov 2, 2018
    Under review

    A linguistic correction or design correction suggestion:

    The To Do module category label "Next week" gives the impression that it shows everything due the next calendar week, i.e. not just the following 7 days - but that's what it does. This should be corrected.



    Today's date is Wednesday 7th. Due date of an assignment is Saturday 17th. Because the due date is not within the next 7 days from Wednesday the 7th, it is not listed under "Next week". But, going by calendar weeks as units, "This week" ends on Sunday the 11th, and "Next week" ends on Sunday the 18th, meaning the due date falls within "Next week".


    Going by calendar weeks is a relatively common way of planning as opposed to counting what happens within the next 7 days. The To Do module category "Next week" should reflect that, or the wording should be change to reflect the actual logic: "Within 7 days".

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