Redesign the Manage Privileges page to display granularity

Idea created by klepping on Nov 1, 2018
    Under review

    The Manage Privileges page, which is used by system administrators to control the activities associated with users' "Roles," currently displays all the Privileges at a single level. The versions of Blackboard Learn released since May 2018 include some new Privileges that have hierarchical (or "inhertitable") relationships. For example, the privileges for instructors to "Edit" the date-based and performance-based criteria for an Adaptive Release rule are actually subsumed by (or governed by) the more general privilege to "Edit" Adaptive Release.


    Blackboard added these new Privileges to allow greater flexibility ("granularity") for customizing roles like "Facilitator" or "Secondary Teaching Assistant." So a user could now have the privilege to edit the criteria for an AR rule without being able to change the rule itself.


    The problem is that the granularity is not visible at all on the Privileges page, with the result that system administrators may be misled by "unchecked boxes" that suggest their instructors (etc.) lack those privileges. In other words, some of the checkboxes on the Manage Privileges page are now meaningless when the more general privilege is enabled.


    The Privileges page needs to be redesigned (with indentations? as a table? with highlighting colors?) wherever this granularity is developed.

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