Allow Attendance Tool Sessions to be "Named"

Idea created by ra0043350 on Oct 31, 2018
    Under review

    A faculty member recently approached me after we enabled the Attendance tool. The way their class works is that they meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - however on Monday, the class is split into 2 sessions, with a break in the middle. They'd like to be able to use the Attendance tool to capture separate attendance instances on the same day for their class session. While this works, it's confusing to be able to tell apart the multiple entries, since the only indication for which is which would be the date at the top.


    Allowing attendance sessions to be "named" could offer this differentiation.


    Expanding this idea a bit further, it may also be useful for keeping attendance of multiple projects and activities conducted during a specific day - for example, some of our Blackboard "courses" are actually events, for example "Faculty Orientation Training 2018", in which the new faculty for 2018 are enrolled in this shell and have access to resources and assessments. They have an all-day on-site schedule of activities, and it would be extremely helpful for the event coordinator (as "instructor")  to be able to keep track of attendance at these activities throughout the day.


    Many instructors would also like a way to keep track of student participation, and adding a naming feature could also expand the attendance tool to be an attendance/participation tool - some columns could be used for attendance and some could be used for gauging participation in the class session; allowing the columns to be named would let the instructors differentiate between these. 

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