Box multiple color highlights and no clicking on comment

Idea created by sh0075978 on Oct 25, 2018
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    As I've been working with Box I notice that when I highlight an area and enter an accompanying comment, that comment doesn't appear unless I (or more importantly, my students) actually click on the highlight. You might say, "Well just instruct them to click on it," which I do, but I also highlight areas without comments, and so resulting in students clicking on highlights that have nothing to tell them. Better, I think, and I have seen it elsewhere (Acrobat?) is to design the program so that just scrolling over the highlight delivers the comment. Small thing, admittedly, but still a thing.


    The other thing, is that a) successive highlights should automatically be set in different colors, or b) (not my choice) provide users a color palette to choose from. Reason: If in a paragraph I highlight two or three successive passages for different reasons, from the student's perspective it all looks like a single highlight, and this issue becomes compounded with the need to click on the highlight for the comment, as the student may not know to click twice or three times.

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