"How am I doing?" data analysis view for students

Idea created by mb0047876 on Oct 24, 2018
    Under review

    A module or view for students which visualizes data and offers analysis on that student's activity and progress in their studies. Functionality which answers the question "How am I doing?" in multiple ways. This would give students valuable insight into their own behaviour online and their performance and study progress, and could help to boost motivation or allow them to prioritize their efforts properly.


    Comparisons can be done on a course level or institution level. The same engine could make similar analyses available for teachers and admins, aggregated/anonymized on course/instutiton level.


    Could be useful for both Learn and Ultra, and mobile.


    Examples of relevant data or analyses - the student's level compared to average of students:

    - Activity level (less/more active, logs in often/seldom) or behaviour (social preference, files preference, mobile user, messages etc)

    - Gradeable activities complete vs. incomplete = percentage complete, and compared to trend / other students

    - Performance level (grades)

    - Trend: usually late or usually on time, or ahead on time (submission dates)

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