To Do module

Idea created by rh22333 on Oct 17, 2018
    Under review

    For the To Do module, if you have an assignment due Monday February 15th, the assignment will show up under the "Future" tab until Sunday, Feb. 14th where it will be moved to the this week/tomorrow tab. This is very confusing because if it is Friday, Feb. 13th, students will believe they don't have anything due until the future when in reality the assignment would be due in 3 days. To fix this we could change it so the "This week" tab would look for assignments within the next 7 days as opposed to looking for assignments due Sunday-Sunday.


    This would benefit students because it makes the due dates within the module more logical.



    This was submitted by a student on our campus here.  It is an interesting thought maybe makes more sense than a traditional view of Sunday to Saturday approach to calendars.



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