Follow the Speaker Mode and Document Cameras

Idea created by sb0047778 on Oct 17, 2018
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    Creating this post on behalf of Indian Hills Community College:


    For some context, We are using Collaborate Ultra and the moderator's computer is set up to multiple different cameras (Instructor Camera, Classroom Camera, Document Camera) using an HDMI Switcher. The camera selection is switched manually

    using the switcher box.


    Everything works well for us except when the moderators try to use the document camera to share physical documents (Handwriting a math problem on a piece of paper, for example).


    When any noise is detected from any of the participants, the video feed switches to the participants camera. (The participants have their view set to "Follow the Speaker" because otherwise, the video feed in grid view is too small to see what is being shared by the moderator).


    What we're looking for is a way to make it so the participants can leave Follow the Speaker mode on (Without the moderator muting them all and then having to unmute them)

    It needs to work the same as if a moderator is sharing a file/application/entire desktop screen. The participants are seeing what the moderator is sharing and that is not being interrupted as long as the moderator is sharing.


    We do understand that this would be eliminated if the moderator would mute all of the participant's microphones. However, in our situation, the moderator would also need to be able to un-mute all of the participant's microphones instead of relying on the participants to re-share their audio. (It is my understanding that it is not possible for the moderator to force the sharing of participant audio or video and that the participant needs to complete task.)


    What would be helpful would be a way to force the moderator camera to be at the top of the screen while still in "Follow the Speaker" mode and have participant cameras under it or something that will allow the moderator to maintain the prominent camera for participant view or even an mute all/unmute all button. (A way to force the microphones to turn on, not sure if that's practical or not to implement but it's an idea.)

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