Printing Feedback, Rubrics, Tests and Discussion Boards for External Moderation

Idea created by th0048134 on Oct 11, 2018
    Under review

    Institutions (generally) have legal requirements to provide examples of materials submitted by students and feedback given by instructors for external moderation.


    We would like to see the ability to print various pages on Blackboard, specifically discussion boards, assignment (overall) feedback, rubrics and online tests are the most important pages. These pages need to have the ability to elegantly print, or be collected in a format which would allow for printing (similar to 9.1's discussion post collections).


    At the moment they print rather wonky and don't at all display the information needed for an external moderator. (ultra currently has even worse printing ability than 9.1)

    It is not always practical to give moderators access directly into courses, for various reasons ranging from privacy and security, to simple knowledge on how to get the information they seek (not everybody uses Blackboard, or even Ultra - so each moderator would have to undergo the learning curve - to learn how to even get to the material in the first place!).


    The reality is these are legal requirements and at the moment the best way to capture that information out of Blackboard is to take screenshots.. of every page... This can take many, many hours if you've got a few courses with large online exams.


    This overhead is particularly frustrating for staff and result in them simply disengaging from the tool - it's easier to get moderation material if the submissions are all on paper anyway. (Kind of defeating the purpose behind online submissions - "whats the point in marking online when you have huge issues getting the info out of the system when requested?")

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