Improve usability of grading interface

Idea created by sehumber on Oct 5, 2018
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    Grading assignments in Blackboard can be awkward, as MOST of the screen real estate is taken up with BB menus and "chrome". Right now, I have a student assignment open and even on a very large monitor, with the left menu panel CLOSED, the actual assignment takes up about 30% of the screen.


    I can see 6 lines of text of the assignment onscreen at any time, and have to keep constantly scrolling.


    Here are my ideas (full disclosure, I teach usability and UX design):


    -Move the MY COURSES tab onto the same "row" in the navigation as the BB logo

    -Also move the "quicklinks" icon to this same row

    -Now the main content area will move up slightly

    -This will help save screen real estate on EVERY page throughout BB


    -Allow users to close the area of the page that has instructions. I'm referring to this text:



    Grade Assignment: (Name Here)

    Assign a grade and feedback for the current assignment attempt. Override the overall grade for the assignment by typing a grade in the grade field. If multiple attempts for a test have been allowed, a Student's grade is not released until all of the attempts have been graded. Click Hide User Names to grade attempts with user names hidden. Click Show User Names to display user information. More Help



    Once we understand how to use the page, we don't need this showing up on screen every time, wasting space.


    -Move "Jump to", "Hide Names" and "Refresh" into the same "row" as the student name


    -Create a zoom function for the actual PDF to allow instructors to zoom in/out


    NOTE: I'm not sure if some of these issues are unique to my school's implementation of BB...

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