Increase the number of Dial-in for Collaborate Ultra

Idea created by lc28914 on Oct 2, 2018
    Reviewed by Product Management

    Collaborate Ultra now has an anonymous dial-in number, however it still only allows for 25 people to dial-in (this includes those using the unique pin). In my district, teachers are not the only people who are using this tool. We provide our district offices with a standalone account. They find this to be an excellent way to deliver PD or disseminate timely information to a large number of people. There have been times when users are able to login from a device to attend these meetings and just want to be able to dial-in to hear what is going on. It becomes problematic when you can't dial-in because all of the 25 pins are in use.


    Blackboard was able to increase the number of participants in a session from 250 to 500. My request is to also increase the number of dial in participants. If they are able to dial in two different ways, unique pin and anonymous, then at least 50 participants should be able to dial in at a time.


    My recommendation is that Blackboard increases the number of participants who can dial into a session to closely match the number of participants who can login to a session via the tool.

    Product Version (if applicable):1