Add an image to an answer choice

Idea created by wm37036 on Oct 1, 2018
    Under review

    I am curious why the answer choice content editor does not have as many options as the question stem content editor.  It seems logical that they would both be the same, thus having the same tools and options.  So, embedding images in the answer choices takes many more steps and is not user friendly.  To add an image in the answer choice area: Go to Test Question Settings and check the boxe for Add images/files/links to answers, then go back to the answer choice and add the image, the image is not the right size (you are unable to resize the image once it's attached) so you have to use a seperate program resize the image with trial and error to get it to fit, attached the image to the answer choice, repeat steps for the next answer choices and questions.  Once the image is attached, there is also not a way to add an image caption.


    Why not make things easy and have the same content editor for question stem and answer choices?



    Question Stem Content Editor


    Answer Choice Content Editor

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