Scroll Bar Arrows Missing in Grade Center

Idea created by shawn.brewer on Sep 27, 2018
    Under review

    I received the following request from an instructor:


    "When viewing the Full Grade Center, there needs to be an 'up & down arrow' and 'right & left arrow' to move the student names and scores horizontally and vertically.  Currently there is just a slide bar, and when using the cursor to slide it, and trying to focus on one score, it jumps up and down, or right and left, and that’s pretty annoying."


    In my testing, I had the following results:
    On Windows 10, the arrows are present in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge. The arrows are NOT present in Chrome or Opera.

    On Mac OSX, the arrows are NOT present in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

    Product Version (if applicable):0