Student deleting assignment should clean out SafeAssign copy

Idea created by rh22333 on Sep 24, 2018
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    I had an instructor report to me that a student of hers nailed a 100% match to a "non-existant" assignment which she did not understand nor did I.  It turns out according to Behind the Blackboard support it was because the student deleted his assignment.  However, deleting it did completely remove his assignment so a copy of his file remained in the local SafeAssign database with no identification of the author. Only because the instructor contacted us and in turn us Blackboard support did the student not get a 0 on the assignment.


    From Blackboard support

    Thank you for taking my call today. As we discussed, the issue is mostly stemming from the lack of communication between the Instructors not recognizing the deleted papers as "non-existent" papers, and where those papers came from. While I recognize that the error message is not as fully descriptive as it could be, the important aspect of the SafeAssign error to remember is that a non existent paper means that the SafeAssign database was able to find a match, but that match is no longer in the database for SafeAssign. (The most likely cause being that the previous match was deleted from the SafeAssign database).

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