Add Text in My Grades to Help Students Review Test Submission

Idea created by cs0040079 on Sep 20, 2018
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    Working the help desk we get about a dozen or so inquiries per semester from students that cannot locate their test submissions review from the My Grades area because they are not aware that the score itself is a hyper-link to the exam questions review. The steps are ordinarily as follows...

    1) Login as the student.

    2) Click My Grades.

    3) Locate a test or exam and click the title of that item.

    4) On the View Attempts page under Assessment Details and Attempts, the calculated grade column has a score that is colored to indicate it is a hyperlink.

    5) Click the score to be taken to the Review Test Submission page.


    Perhaps some text could be added on the View Attemps page to instruct the student to "click the score to review your test questions". Or, the area next to the Calculated Grade column heading could be used.

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