Attendance Takes Control of Grade Center?

Idea created by jrh01a on Sep 18, 2018

    I keep getting Emails like this from faculty members:


    "I am hoping you can help me delete 100 pts worth of Attendance from my BB course. I didn’t add it to my gradebook so I hid it from student and instructor view, but then realized my “Total” column still thinks there is 100 points for attendance. Is there a way to delete this?"


    1. If you merely click on the Attendance tool (even if to see how it works), it adds a column to your grade center.
    2. It automatically makes the default "score" 100.
    3. It will not let you delete the column from the grade center.
    4. It will let you change the "score" to a 0, but it will still calculate as 100 points in the Total column.
    5. I keep adds apostrophes around the word "score" because Blackboard says it is a percent as indicated in the settings area of the Attendance tool, yet it totals 100 points in the Total column.  In other words, faculty members who want to use the attendance tool as points and wants it to be 10 points, it still puts in 100 points in the Total column.


    After waiting a decade for Blackboard to come out with an Attendance tool, the tool the release is poorly designed and very buggy.

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