Title Rest Calls Deterministically

Idea created by md0049252 on Sep 11, 2018
    Under review

    If you look at Explore APIs , there are four API calls that have the same Summary.  This will cause issues building a sdk, or any kind of API library (I'm doing this).


    Get Children (Content), Get Children (Courses), Get Memberships (User parameter), Get Memberships (Course parameter).


    So, if we try to work around this by domain (or namespace if you like) we still have courseMemberships.getMemberships and courseMemberships.getMemberships.  This causes issues for languages that don't strongly type (Python, Javascript).  It's difficult to overwrite methods in these languages. 


    Can you please update the summaries to :

    Get Content Children

    Get Course Children

    Get User Membership

    Get Course Membership.


    This should help make things easier for the REST APIs moving forward. I'm sure its somewhat difficult to do in Swagger, but is probably worth it.



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