Escaping special characters in LTI custom parameter specifications

Idea created by kc36811 on Sep 9, 2018
    Under review

    At present, the inbuilt Blackboard LTI functionality cannot process special characters provided in the LTI custom parameter specification input box. As an example, the Talis LTI provides regex match strings as LTI params so that parts of the course ID can be used to directly link to specific Talis reading lists for that course. Unfortunately, because regex look-ahead and regex look-behind both include '=' characters, Learn confuses the = special character with the 'key=value' pair syntax and more complex match strings are not possible. This limitation has been noted by Talis here:


    The implementation of character escaping in the LTI custom params input box so that values with special characters may be used would be adventageous for implementing integrations such as Talis, and this enhancement is relevant to both Original and Ultra course experiences.

    Product Version (if applicable):1