Discussion Board Enhanced Date Manager

Idea created by mdouglas on Sep 6, 2018
    Under review

    Recently I went into a course in which date manager was used to change the due dates and the display after dates have to be manually changed and some of forum settings had to be changed. Each discussion board (and group discussion board) requires multiple clicks and a lot of scrolling to make sure that each forum is set up correctly.


    It would be helpful if there was a enhanced date manager style tool that would list all of the discussion boards in rows and have the various options in the columns. That way, on one page, instructors would be able to see if all of the discussion boards have the same settings. An example would be to check that each discussion board is 'Grade Discussion Forum' worth 10 points, what rubric is used, is it available to students, allow members to subscribe, all the way through the options. 


    Implementing this would help instructors provide consistency in their discussion boards which would ultimately help students.


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