Menu Auto-collapse Returned to 768 px

Idea created by ja25870 on Sep 5, 2018
    Under review


    In previous versions of Blackboard, the menu was set to auto-collapse at screen widths of 768 px or smaller, which is typical for the size of most tablets. With this latest upgrade, the decision was made to auto-collapse at widths of 1024 px and below. At this point in time, many older monitors use this display resolution, as well as smaller laptop screens. Additionally, a bug in the css results in the blue bar that indicates the collapsed menu disappearing, leaving no visual indication that the menu has collapsed or how to open it.


    This un-requested decision has resulted in dozens of new support calls - as many as four or five per day - from faculty and students who are unaware of the change and believe the course consists of only the contents of the course entry point. Every classroom on campus is equipped with a small podium monitor, which despite larger projection displays, is the primary monitor used to determine menu collapse and which results in baffled faculty unable to expand their course menu under any circumstances.


    The only recourse is to change the theme to prevent the menu from ever collapsing, which creates issues for mobile users.


    I would like to see the decision to auto-collapse at 1024 reversed and the auto-collapse once again set to 768 px. If users want more real estate on older computers, they can collapse the menu themselves.

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