Feature Request: Let "Discussion > Manage" control access to forum via group

Idea created by lowey.kevin on Sep 5, 2018
    Under review

    When setting up discussion forums, the forum manager can select the "Manage" option for a form and explicitly list the roles for each user in the course. Roles such as blocked, participant, manager, grader, etc.


    The problem is that this lists only individual users. I propose that the "Manage" option also allow us to specify groups.


    For example, consider a peer review situation. Instructors may divide the course up into 10 groups. For a given discussion forum, "Group 4" might have "participant" roles so can post messages. Students in "group 8" might have "grader" roles so that they can review the group 4 students and assign marks. The remain groups might have "reader" roles so they can only read the messages but not participate.


    We cannot do this by setting up the discussions in the "Group" tool, as those discussions are only visible to those group members. We want more than one group member to access it.


    We CAN do this using the "Manage" option for the forum, but only by individually setting the options for each individual user. So if there are 20 students in each group, you have to first set all the students to "blocked" or "read only", then find the 20 you want to post messages and explicitly set each one to "participant", then find the next 20 and set them to "grader" etc.


    It would be much easier if there were an option to select by group so you just say "Make all members of group 1 a participant, make members of group 2 graders, make all remaining group's members hidden or read only.

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