Safe assign file size limit

Idea created by jl23892 on Sep 3, 2018
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    In short:

    The current file size limit in safe assign for students when they upload an assignment is 10MB.

    That should be increased to meet the use cases of current usage and demands.



    as stated in the safe assign FAQ:

    Is there a size limit for student-submitted files? 

    Yes. SafeAssign is unable to process submitted files larger than 10MB.



    According to the support at Behind Blackboard, this is hard coded and cannot be changed.

    At our university its getting more and more common to have a mandatory plagiarism check on all thesis.

    And with many pages and sometimes images as Appendices 10MB is easily reached.


    That ends up safe assign just ignoring the document and just giving the teacher an "maximum file size has been reached"-message.


    And especially when the new BOX-view was introduced and marketed as a more format friendly system (even including more media types), its sounds to strict to only support documents at 10MB and smaller.



    Increase the hard coded limit, or let the system administrator decide the limit according to the individual institutions usage, either ron system level or course level.

    Also, include a refresh button for admins and/or teachers to activate a "resend" if a uploaded document wasn't checked and needs to be resent to safe assign after changing the file size limit (reducing the problems that comes with making a student upload a new or edited version of a document after a deadline has been set).

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