Provide auto-grading option for tests submitted after the due date

Idea created by taltman on Aug 29, 2018
    Under review

    Per, the following is functioning as designed: If a student submits an auto-graded test after the due date, the instructor MUST manually grade test. There should be an option for the instructor to have Learn auto-grade these tests if they wish.


    The requirement to manually grade creates extra work for the instructor, particularly if they do not wish to assess a penalty to the late submissions. This becomes even more important if the instructor changes the due date so that the submissions are no longer late. Currently, they must STILL manually grade them.


    This has impacted some of our instructors particularly during unplanned outages near the time of a test that is due. All of the students who started the test before the outage but then finish the test after Learn becomes available again must be manually graded, even if the instructor adjusts the due date to allow students more time to take the test given the outage. This is time consuming and increases the stress on already-panicked students. The impact for a large enrollment class is particularly burdensome.

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