Respect the decimal places set for the course in tokens used in PLD

Idea created by emunoz on Aug 29, 2018
    Under review

    With PLD you can set emails or alerts to pop up and to make them more personal and appealing, you get tokens. These tokens allow you to add for example "student name", "grade percent", "activity name" so that each user that receives the alert or email will have his/her own data filled in.

    All the tokens that work with grades or percents are now showing 5 decimals, no matter what the settings for the course are. Some time ago it was showing only two, but now the whole 5 are displayed. They should follow the settings for the course!

    It is ridiculous to receive a message telling you "Congratulations, you got a 10,00000 on our assignment"

    Please, consider setting this back to how it was.


    Product Version (if applicable):0