Fix Banner Width Issues

Idea created by on Aug 21, 2018
    Under review

    In Original View courses, Blackboard's suggestion is to have banners that are 480x80 so as to not crop on smaller screens. Why not just set #pageBanner img {max-width:100%;} so that cropping isn't an issue and that it plays nice with mobile? This way you could also set full-width banners. I'd done this previously, but as far as I know creating a child theme doesn't appear to be an option with SaaS.


    It's such a simple fix, doesn't affect any existing banners that are less than 100% width (such as the suggested 480x80), and allows for a great deal more creative potential.


    **One word of warning - another method of getting a full width banner currently is to make them realllllllly wide so that the ends run off the side of the screen (it's not a great solution - I don't advise it). If anyone had been doing this, then the max-width setting would affect those. Super easy to just edit them to normal screen sizes, though.





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