Adding Multiple Courses to Single Username/Login

Idea created by amyjnah on Aug 9, 2018
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    Blackboard Staff,


    The roll out to this new version of CourseSites is incredibly frustrating for students and families. Please refer to your former student guide, found here:


    Page 6 of that guide shows families this:



    This allows 1 student to "see" and access all of his/her courses under 1 single username/login. Very convenient for students taking multiple  courses. However, this new CourseSites does not allow students to add multiple courses to their single username/login. Why?


    Tech Support tells me that students now have to 1 new registration for each course. That means, for example, a student taking 8 courses needs to keep track of 8 separate usernames/logins. Not very helpful! Furthermore, after 1.5 hours  or via phone with tech support, only 1 person was able to add a 2nd course to my daughter's login. The second tech support person could not understand the issue and had to "escalate" it to someone else. Again, very frustrating.


    I hope you will update your system and fix this issue.

    Dr. Amy Jnah (Instructor & Parent)

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