Institutions, their prescribed databases and Safe Assign functionality

Idea created by hg35403 on Aug 6, 2018
    Under review

    Our institution subscribes to various electronic databases.  When our students get assignments to do, the assignment instructions refer students to these databases.  Students can also access the databases to conduct research of their own. The issue that our lecturers have picked up, is that many students copy directly from resources within these databases.  Safe Assign reports this as collusion and not plagiarism from the resources as such.  In other words, according to the Safe Assign reports, students' submissions are similar to those of other students (collusion) but in fact, they have all plagiarised from the same resources in the electronic databases to which they have access - this Safe Assign does not flag.


    Product enhancement suggestion:  Allow institutions to include the databases to which they subscribe in the Safe Assign database of URLs so that when Safe Assign reports are generated, similarities from resources in these databases are picked up and identified.  

    Product Version (if applicable):0