Assignment File download and a student who saves as draft

Idea created by Unimaas on Aug 1, 2018
    Under review

    Current functionality: If there is more than 1 attempt submitted by an user, then 2 options do appear (otherwise there is no option offered and only the last attempt is downloaded):

    Select files to download

    - Last attempt file

    - All attempt files

    Issue we have found: if the instructor selects last attempt file, BUT the last thing done by the student was Save As Draft, the downloaded zip does not contain any text message or file at all to indicate that for that student there is no file downloaded.


    Our Case for this on BtB:

    Case #03918112 - Sometimes assignment attempt not downloaded without warning


    Our idea for improvement is at least add an error/ warning that the file for this student will not be visible in the downloaded zip file.


    Hans Maessen

    Product Version (if applicable):0