Accurate messaging in Ultra Preview when there are 0 exceptions

Idea created by david.soliday on Jul 26, 2018
    Under review

    When instructors convert their courses to the Ultra Course Preview, it provides a list of items that wouldn't convert. When converting an empty course shell, these messages are inaccurate and misleading.  When empty courses are converted, it says at the top that "Some Items aren't yet supported." and has a link to View Details, plus, at the bottom of the Details & Actions menu it has a link to Conversion Exceptions, with subtitle, "Review all course exceptions". However, when you click either link, the Conversion Details panel that appears on the right has zero (0) items in all three priorities.


    There should be no links and a message that everything converted successfully, or at least when you first enter the course some indication that there were no exceptions.

    Product Version (if applicable):1