Add ability to perform Query type searches in UI

Idea created by jh31638 on Jul 26, 2018
    Under review

    Please add a way to perform query type searches in the Learn UI when using the "Contains" search feature throughout the Learn UI or add a NEW "Custom" or "Query" feature that is additive and allows you to add multiple additional "Query" "AND", "OR", "NOT", etc to the search.   So when the "Query" type is selected additional "(+)" button appears to add additive lines to the "Query" and "(-)" button appears next to end of line that allows for removing the line from the "Query"


    i.e. I need ability to perform a search to find all misspelled course titles where CONTAINS "Principal" AND NOT CONTAINS "Foundations".  Should return multiple sections of the following: "Principals of Economics", & "Principals of Physics", BUT NOT "Principal Foundations of Marketing" (NOT an actual case, or actual courses, but you get the idea)

    Product Version (if applicable):0