Update Date Management Tool to allow for changing of calendar events

Idea created by mdeeprose on Jul 19, 2018
    Under review

    The Course Calendar in Blackboard allows instructors to create calendar events for course users to view and save to their mobile devices as ics files.  This can be particularly useful for distance learning courses where students do not attend in person on campus and who like to have a way that they can keep themselves informed of important dates within the course e.g. online seminar sessions, online events, themes of study for each week etc.


    The date management tool is a great way to adjust dates after a course has been copied.  This makes the task of adjusting pre-existing dates to account for a new course much easier, allowing dates to be shifted forward or back en masse, and allowing all existing date settings to be reviewed and adjusted on one page.  The tool allows dates for the following content types to be adjusted:

    • Content (items, files, folders)
    • Assessments (tests, surveys, assignments)
    • Tools (discussions, blogs, journals, announcements)
    • Manual grade columns
    • Course and Organization tasks


    However one large omission is that the date management tool cannot be used to adjust Course Calendar event dates.  This means that if an instructor puts a big effort into setting up a through course calendar then when the course is copied or cleared out for a new cohort and new academic year all of those events have to be manually adjusted.


    My idea is to suggest that the date management tool is updated so that it can adjust course calendar event dates.  This would much improve the efficiency for instructors that use this tool.

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