Allow Announcement Edits with Inactive Course Links

Idea created by kae4674 on Jul 18, 2018
    Under review

    I have 16 weeks of content folders with scheduled open dates. I have 16 announcements prewritten to open at the same time as the folders. The announcements include the course link option to the folder for the week for the convenience of the student. I've done this for years. Occasionally I need to update my verbiage in the weekly announcement (change dates, a URL to a video, etc.). As of fall semester 2017, I could no longer see any announcement I had previously created if it had a course link to a folder that was not already visible. That is, I could not see or edit the announcement that opened, say, September 15 along with the folder that opened September 15 until the moment that folder opened. At first, I thought all my announcements had vanished, even though I could see them listed via the "date management" tool. So if they were listed, in date management, where were they? I thought I was crazy! Finally, our campus Bb people figured out the link to the closed folder was the problem and if I made the "future" folder available, I could see the associated announcement to edit it. Yes, it works, and this workaround is highly inconvenient. I thought I would simply delete the course link on each announcement (once I gained access to it by making each folder temporarily available), but apparently, that is impossible. SO, I have to create new announcements without a course link and delete the announcement with the link. After dealing with this for three semesters now (counting summer) and facing it again for this fall, I am going through all 16 folders and announcements, making each folder available, locating the matching announcement, copying and pasting the announcement into a new one, deleting the old announcement, and resetting the date on the associated folder. I counted, and that process involves 42 clicks per week: 42 x 16 weeks = 672 clicks AT BEST (barring no "oopsies") and doesn't count all the CTRL+F, CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and typing that goes along with the process. Doing this for 2 classes means a minimum of 1,344 clicks. I would be nearly done with my fall prep by now were it not for these time-consuming clicks! Our Bb people reported this problem, but the answer was "it's working as intended." It didn't USED to work this way. I used to be able to see all prewritten announcements with the link even though the associated folder was closed. I could edit the announcements at any time. I don't understand why this highly inconvenient "feature" would be what is "intended." I also don't understand why I cannot delete the offending course link from an announcement. I delete it from the space and when I submit the announcement it reappears. I sincerely hope Bb will make this announcement/course link feature useful and user-friendly. I want to spend my time on course development, not glitchy technical workarounds.

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