Custom Student Course Role

Idea created by mh21485 on Jul 13, 2018
    Under review

    I would like to see a new capability where we can create a custom course role to assign student-workers, tutors, or interpreters added to courses by the system admin. The course role should act like the default student course role, but be titled differently so as to differentiate the "real students" from the "helpers with student-level access".


    This need was identified with our adoption of an EvaluationKit integration with Blackboard. This is a course evaluation survey tool that imports users and course roles from Blackboard. Currently, we have no way of sorting real students who should get a survey from the helpers who were added to courses with the student role. This presents a data validity concern.


    Creating a modified copy of the Teaching Assistant or Course Builder roles has become unsuitable because there are deletion capabilities that persist with these roles despite all privileges being revoked - they are too risky to adopt. Using Guest or Observer are also unsuitable, as there are limitations on the type of course content/tools the user can access; it is not comparable to the student role we need.


    Having a seperate, distinct course role that grants "student level access" to staff enrolled in the course, maintaining a distinction from real student enrollments, would be beneficial from a user/content management standpoint.

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