Upload and Save Whiteboard Slide Functionality in Ultra

Idea created by esaunders on Jul 6, 2018
    Under review

    The new version of Blackboard Collaborate has lost the functionality of being able to upload slides and save them as whiteboard (wbd) files. This has been a crucial feature that distinguishes Collaborate from all other web conferencing software options out there on the market. When you can upload slides and moveable images to Collaborate, and then save all of that structure as a wbd file, you can then create a much more sophisticated level of interactivity for students. Without it, you're just showing students a powerpoint file or a screenshare of whatever is on your computer and they are turned into observers and commenters. With wbd files, then can move things around, point to items that you say. I can put up images of students in a picture and ask for their perspectives based on where they are in the picture.


    I teach foreign language and this level of interactivity has been essential to creating a rich classroom environment. Without it, I am just a lecturer who calls on students occasionally for responses. 


    It's the one thing that set Collaborate apart from Zoom, Adobe Connect, Big Blue Button, GoToMeeting, Skype, and other options out there. Please return the ability to upload slides and add moveable images to them. Thank you!

    Product Version (if applicable):1