Add/Manage Users and Entitlements part of Learn?

Idea created by david.hallam on Jul 6, 2018
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    Malcolm Murray at Durham University developed two great Building Blocks that adds some excellent additions to adding and managing users in Blackboard, when this delegated


    Add/Manage Users (Durham University)

    This tool allows you to mange who can add, modify and delete enrolments based on: the course role of the target user; the person making the change; the enrolment DSK. All changes are logged. Now supports batch upload.


    Add/Manage Users - Entitlements (Durham University)

    This defines a series of custom Entitlements used by the related Manage Users building block to determine what a given user can do with the tool (can a Course Builder modify the role of an Instructor?) The Entitlements are separate so your choices persist when the other building block is upgraded.


    Both are available in the Blackboard Extensions Catalog.


    This idea is to highlight  to the Community that this function is not part of the Blackboard Learn Product, but as mentioned in the following post, it should be...


    Manage Users B2 in SaaS


    So Blackboard can we make this so?

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