Capabilities of Adaptive Release Function

Idea created by ce0071365 on Jun 18, 2018
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    To Whom It May Concern,


    It has recently come to my attention that the adaptive release function in Blackboard is designed to make items become available after a user completes something. This function is great and our organization is currently using the tool this way, however, we also have the need to hide things once a user completes something, thus a sort of reverse adaptive release. In my mind, the adaptive release tool should be able to perform this function, but sadly it was not designed for this purpose. I believe that our organization is not the only one who needs and would like to have this function available, thus, I suggest that in addition to releasing information as part of the tool, the tool should also be able to hide information that an administrator no longer wants the user to view. Please consider this idea as I think it would make a lot of your clients happy!


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