Content management through COPE and trending analytics

Idea created by mg0065188 on Jun 12, 2018
    Under review

    This is for the Web Community Manager- it seems our ideas page has died.


    Yes, I know we can share an app and have the content in multiple places and some of this idea is covered by that- although we need to be able to display different number of articles in different place when sharing. We need the ability to have the content look a little different (images different sizes) as well and even reorder due to "trending" or priority as needed.

    I have a basic news page (Headlines and Features app) that I would like to have the content be shared on our News site (6 cards) and our District Homepage (4 cards) - but on the District Home, just have the 4 most popular stories from the last month. It would be nice to mark a story as "Featured" and be able to put it where the slider is as well.


    So, being able to filter the views and get metrics on individual posts are key and Identifying a Featured post.

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