Attendance: Column in Retention Center Table and Unavailable Students

Idea created by beverly.riddell on Jun 12, 2018
    Under review

    Attendance is such an important thing to track for retention. It would be very helpful if at a glance you could see that a student is not attending. The Retention Center is the perfect place for this data, as you could look at grades and attendance at the same time.


    We just upgraded to a version of Blackboard that includes the Attendance Tool and we are so excited about using it as a flag for our retention efforts. However, it appears that the only way to get the Attendance flagged in the Retention Center Table is as a "Grade" and that means it is co-mingled with the other Grade items.


    If we could have an additional criteria/column in the Retention Center table for Attendance, that would be very very helpful.


    Also, Unavailable students show up in the Attendance Tool which is annoying as you need to skip over them. If there is some reason that anyone would want to see Unavailable students in the attendance tool (I can't think of one but apparently it is FAD) then they should be in a section at the bottom and not move when you sort by last name or anything other column.


    Thank you.

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