Improvement on the Need Grading Status wording

Idea created by bh21080 on Jun 11, 2018
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    When setting up an Assignment, Blackboard gives you the option of allowing unlimited attempts, but only grading the most recent attempt. Once the assignments have been submitted, the most recent submissions appear when accessing “Needs Grading.” This seems like an improvement from last year when all submissions, not just the most recent ones, appeared in “Needs Grading,” causing great confusion when grading. However, after grading all of the most recent submissions, the “Needs Grading” shows “none” but the landing page for the course still prompts you that the grading for that assignment “Needs Attention.” After accessing this box, you find two earlier submissions by students who submitted more than one attempt, thus giving a false positive on the landing page. Please see the following screen:

    If the landing page is not accurate, it undermines its usefulness as a way to scan the current status of your course.


    Observed Result:

    [9.1 Original View] In the Home Page - Need Grading tab, even grade the last attempt, it still show to the instructor need to grade the 1st & 2nd attempts. If instructor wants to clear the need grading attempts, he/she need to give score to 1st and 2nd attempts.

    [SaaS Ultra View] In the Grade Page - it show status as "X to grades"


    Expected Result:

    Both 9.1 original view and SaaS Ultra view should display as "No need to grade" if instructor set the test with last attempt with a grade.


    Perhaps this status can be improve in SaaS Ultra View?


    Thanks for your consideration.


    (On behalf of CUHK)

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