Discussion Comment Editing

Idea created by my357 on Jun 10, 2018
    Under review

    I use Bb through my school.  We make use of the Discussion Boards.  We need more control of the editing process.  If I make a thread with an initial comment, sometimes I like to change the comment...but I can't.  Once it's live, it can never be edited.  This requires then a "reply" to my own post.  Kinda dumb.  Furthermore, if I am the creator of a thread, I'd like the ability to delete it if my post is no longer relevant or necessary to keep up.  Finally, I would also like the ability to edit the title of my posts once I get it up.  Say I initially label, "Assignment 1 Question 3".  But then someone else jumps in and labels their post, "Homework Question 3."  It would be nice if I could revise mine--the goal being that all titles read the same and we can find them visually very quickly.

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