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Idea created by leedsbeckett on Jun 8, 2018
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    Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, I couldn't find an exact match.


    Many of our academic colleagues get caught out by the total column automatically existing in grade centre and automatically displaying any grades to students by default.




    1. New course is created

    2. Instructor creates Blackboard / Turnitin assignment

    3. Instructor uses assignment settings to hide the assignment column grade from students

    4. Students submit work

    5. Instructors mark work

    6. Marks appear in grade centre

    7. Marks in the specific assignment column are not shown to students until tutor releases them

    8. Marks in the total column ARE shown to students as instructors do not know to manually hide this column from students when setting up the assignment (despite our best efforts to inform them)

    9. The Total column auto-pulls in grades from the hidden assignment column.

    10. Because the Total column itself is not hidden, the assignment grade is shown to students in My Grades before the instructor intended to show the student the grades


    Result: Students see grades early, perhaps before the second marker has gone over them. Marks change. Student complains. Not ideal.


    Suggested solution:


    Implement a global switch in the admin tab's grade centre settings that gives System Administrators the opportunity to control whether or not the Total column is hidden from students by default when new courses are created.

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