Mobile Compatible Test Converter

Idea created by jr0068503 on Jun 7, 2018
    Under review

    With the increase of students using mobile devices to access courses, here are a few ideas that I feel would make mobile compatible tests easier for faculty to use and adopt.

    • Have an option to convert existing tests into Mobile Compatible versions. Understanding that not all question types are mobile compatible, there could be a an option to convert non-approved question types to approved ones, or a process to allow the conversion of question types into approved types.
    • Mobile Compatible tests should be able to import questions from the test pool. Currently, the only way to create a mobile compatible test is to manually create each question.This is problematic for faculty who have already invested time into creating questions that are already one of the approved formats for mobile compatible tests (i.e. multiple choice, T/F, etc...).
    • Have questions that match the approved mobile compatible question type show up as an option to import into a mobile compatible test.

    As a community college, we know that over 90% of our students access Blackboard from a mobile device and faculty are currently struggling with students wanting to take tests using mobile devices because they find it too difficult to create (and/or convert to) Mobile Compatible tests.

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