Audio availability in Collab Ultra

Idea created by paulalee on Jun 7, 2018
    Under review

    I was working with an instructor to setup a Collab Ultra session in his BB Learn course for an Orientation session. He was doing the orientation to both in class and online students simultaneously.


    He had set the session to not allow participants to have audio. Once the session was going, he could go into the moderator Session Settings area and select "Share Audio Box" which then gives the students the audio privilege.


    However, it is an all or nothing setup. It activates the microphone privilege for ALL participants.


    What I would like (and the instructor) is to selectively give out that privilege. If someone raises their hand, then I can click and give that one users the ability to have audio rather than all users.


    Is there any chance that could be put into Ultra Collaborate?




    Paula A. Lee

    Product Version (if applicable):0