Bring Back the Original Experience Cursor Options

Idea created by pc37784 on Jun 5, 2018
    Under review



    We have been playing around with the cursor options on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and have been disappointed by how the cool cursor options from the Original Experience are not available anymore.


    Our lecturers used the cursor function extensively in the Original Experience, and it was great to have a massive hand as the cursor. Another fantastic benefit was that you could select the screen with the cursor, and it could stay there and point to a topic on the whiteboard until another target was selected. Here is an example of this:



    Despite this, in Blackboard Ultra, it only has a very small cursor, and you can't make it stay in one position: xe702ZF.png


    It would be nice to see the cursor abilities in the Original Experience make a comeback in the Ultra Experience.



    Product Version (if applicable):1