Discussion Board visual impaired

Idea created by rerickso@uvm.edu on Jun 1, 2018
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    When i look at the discussion board postings i see a bunch of red circles. I am really only interested in looking at the red circles that have a number of unread posts in it. So it would be easy to set the circles for the posts that you have already read all of them to green by adding this css rule to theme1.css



      background-color: green !important;



    which would be just after the current rule to make them red

    line 97 theme1.css which gets it red

    .unread-count {

        background: #ff3b30 !important;

        padding: 2px 8px;


    I have implemented this in my custom browser style sheet and it has proven very handy for my fading eyesight to quickly find the posts that I need to read.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.33.41 PM.png

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