Expose submission date (not just creation date) via REST

Idea created by dl0046362 on Jun 1, 2018
    Under review

    Currently the various v2 Gradebook REST APIs only make available the 'Date Created' date. For external tools (Turnitin in particular), the Date Created date is when the tool published the attempt to the grade centre, which is pretty useless in these cases. For example, because a common use of Turnitin is to mark anonymously, the tool will only add grades to Blackboard on the post date, which is routinely 2+ weeks later than the due date.


    Blackboard has access to the Date Submitted (within Grade Details if no where else), but this doesn't appear to be available via REST.


    We're trying to build a robust Grades Journey type process with the aid of REST, but this will be a significant stumbling block

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